2008 – Best Poem Winner: Manon Revuelta (Epsom Girls Grammar School) – Flossan and Jetsam

2008 – Best Lyric Winner: Sonya Clark (Karamu High School) – Mrs. Potts

Best Poem Runner-up : Claire Sorrenson (Takapuna Grammar School) – Fooling around

Best Poem Runner-up : Finn Teppett (Wellington College) – If, only.

Best Poem Runner-up : Nalin Samountry (Tamatea High School) – The Parameters of Refugeeism and Flight

Best Poem Runner-up : Ish Doney (St Andrews College) – The World Instead

Best Poem Runner-up : Carlos Carbonatto-Bowkett (Wellington College) – Purple

Best Lyric Runner-up : Saxon Adams (St Andrews College) – Downtown Bazaar

Best Lyric Runner-up : Cara Chimirri (Rangi Ruru Girls’ School)

Best Lyric Runner-up : Jimmy Garden (Wellington College) – All you can eat

Best Lyric Runner-up : Taylor Hughson (Wellington College) – Molly

Best Lyric Runner-up : Jennifer Yeh (St Cuthbert’s College) – A pinker shade of blue

Commended entrants: Poem category In addition to the finalists, seven entries were commended by the judge of this year’s Best Poem category. Read their names here.