Queen’s Horse

‘Queen’s Horse’, Joanna Braithwaite, 2011 (reproduced by permission of the artist)


Regal head wrapped tight like Tegel Chicken,

Braithwaite uses a paint that makes her easel glisten.


With the same air, manner or mien

of her royal majesty the queen,

cock eyed stare suggesting her small gene

pool, something they have in common,

not common as in those folks that shop at cotton on.


Inbreeding; something that might be followed by some kind of legal proceeding,

then maybe an alternative pleading, disbelieving and a debriefing this evening –

quite some insult if that’s where this painting’s leading.


Comportment; more prominent than the obvious lack of an assortment

of certain royal adornments and ornaments.




Arie Bates-Hermans
Yr 13, Wellington High School