Only Falling


There is something beautiful that i

have to write, but

i do not know what it is. i know

there are skies melting into oceans to

create a song, but

i do not know where the sky is.


i only know that i will fly there

one day. But for now i

am a cat,




butterflies and birds,

digging my nails into trees as if

they deserve to be punished.

As if when i

reach the top branch i will be flying.

But i am not, i am only





am a cat and

cats do not have hands to grip a pencil,

cats cannot tell you that i love you, cats

are kicked and yelled at because master is




and cats cannot carve a hole in

my skull to let the words out.


i curl up on the bed, dream

of catching butterflies, only so i

can sew their wings to my back.


by Hayley Russell

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School